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4 Ways To Getting More Followers!

Mar 06, 2017

All of us are different and Twitter can be the perfect place to celebrate diversity.

People will often adopt the herd mentality online; what is true for one person is usually true for the majority based on content engagement.

If you operate and maintain the following 4 strategies, not only will you see more engagement from your existing followers but you will grow follower numbers through regular, structured content delivery.

However, neglect this balance and you might find yourself in a position where your follower retention is reduced or engagements on some posts are poor by comparison to others.

Finding Your Post Frequency

You’ll need to find the ‘sweet spot’ of your content delivery on Twitter. What I mean by this is, tweet too often and people won’t be able to keep on-top of what you’re doing. Frankly, it is annoying to have someone on your feed that constantly tweets about every uninteresting aspect of their life.

On the other hand, if you tweet very little, many of your fan-base may become so accustomed to receiving little or no content from you that they may forget you entirely. This would make it near impossible to guarantee engagement on your latest tweets.

You’ll need to bear in mind that most of your followers will also follow hundreds or even thousands of other people. So, you need to ensure your content is not only engaging but relevant to them at the same time.

You need to discover the balance between being at the forefront of someone’s daily/weekly feed on Twitter and not being a nuisance or distraction. We’d recommend you post 1-3 times a day maximum and if possible, load in engaged, focussed content. Using TubeSync will greatly simplify the task of scheduling tweets and they can be delivered to your fan-base at any-time.

Count to 140

Whilst Twitter is a versatile platform for sharing articles, short-exchanges, photos and other forms of multimedia, it is entirely centred on short-form text exchanges.

So, when developing a strong content strategy, you need to bear in mind the built-in Twitter limitations of tweet length (140 characters). This means everything you post needs to be high quality content that will not only drive engagement, but will be short, concise and directly to the point.

TubeSync will automatically show a word count for Twitter; whenever you put together a text, image or video post, you can make every word count!

Would It Kill You to Smile?

Try and break up your content with the occasional humorous post. Way back, when TubeSync was a social media management company for influencers, we always embedded at least 1 meme, funny story or light-hearted joke.

You can actually use Twitter analytics ( to find relevant joke material for your most engaged users, for example:

As you will see, 36% of our followers use AT&T, so it’s reasonable to deduce that if we posted an image in relation to this brand, for example:  it would have meaning for them.

TubeSync has a built-in custom meme algorithm that lets you choose from thousands of funny images and gifs to include in your social media posting strategy.

Great minds think alike

In our previous article on social media in a modern business, we briefly touched on how to apply herd mentality to follower growth. To recap, people have collective mind-sets, so if I was a basketball merchandise company for example, it is reasonable to suggest that people who follow and engage with basketball teams enjoy the sport. Obvious really but that would also suggest that a high percentage of those people are likely to be potential customers of my business.

Once you understand this core principle, you will see that producing targeted content and engaging with like-minded people will soon enable you to gain followers. Following on from our basketball analogy, you can always engage with people who are talking about something specific to your niche. Let us assume the social media buzz is over a basketball teams victory #TeamWin; if you could tweet, retweet or follow these people and get them to engage, they will check you out and potentially you could make a sale.

TubeSync has an incredibly powerful twitter tool built-in that spots emerging trends as they happen and will allow you to instantly engage with these people. This real-time information will allow you to make timely and targeted tweets to your potential customers.


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